The World's End Trilogy

The explosive new trilogy by J.J. Marshall

Blog Tour Reviews  - October 2013

Everything Marie - 15/10/13 -

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Words cannot express how much I enjoyed this book. It completely overtook me and I felt like being pulled into a movie. For a debut novel, this book was absolutely phenomenal. I am so very proud of J.J. Marshall. The plot twists were unbelievably crazy and so completely unexpected. I especially enjoyed reading each character's story and how they ended up at that point of their life. 

The story starts off with a timeline depicting how the Earth has been attacked by a microscopic organism, not from this Earth, that has traveled to our system and has been "eating away" at the ozone layer. With the effects of the deteriorating ozone, Earth is falling apart; global warming has worsened, plant-life is dying, and the UV rays are becoming hazards.  Being outside for only a few hours can cause severe burns, therefore humans have been forced to live in the shadows and inside Spheres built around major cities to protect from the Sun.  The survival of the human race depended on the extension of living in outer space. Within the span of several decades, humans now live in space stations located by the Moon and Mars. 

Life on a space station for 17-year old Alec Corbett is boring and predicable. His father, Landon, is a member of the Board of Officials, basically the government who oversee and control everything in connection with those still living on Earth and those living on the station. Because his father was never around, Alec 
sometimes ventured to the lower levels in the space station to watch the space crafts launch and to view the Earth from above.  There, he met and befriended another young man, Jonah Jones.  One day, Alec falls upon incriminating information that could potentially cause the death of several thousand inhabitants on the space station. He decides to take action into his own hands, along with the help of Jonah and other survivors living aboard the space station.  For being only 17-years old, Alec is very independent and mature. The dialogue between him and other characters were well written and thought out with such detail.  The action sequences were on point and the book literally felt like a movie, kind of Mission Impossible. Alec and his friends were on a rescue mission that was a race against time.  This book will keep you captivated from beginning to end and you will feel everything that the characters are feeling. I cried, laughed, felt anxious, felt scared, and most of all, I felt hope. I also liked that Alec has a love interest, even though she shows up halfway into the book.

I really enjoyed this book and the reading was easy and fast. I finished it in one day! I highly recommend this book as it has a bit of everything. There's plenty of action, sci-fi, drama, romance, and suspense; what's not to love??I will definitely check out the next of the series and you should too! 

Entirely Books - 26/10/13 -

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Let me start off with WOW, When the World Ends was exceptionally written. There was so much action going on and the way Marshall wrote the details was awesome. While reading this book I thought of every space movie I’ve ever seen (Sphere and Alien come to mind right now) and also of The Dwellers Saga by David Estes since When the World Ends falls into the futuristic dystopian genre, which by the way I absolutely loved.

This book is based in the future where Earth is dying from an alien organism that is eating away at its ozone layer. Humans are routed to the Moon on a facility called the International Space Station (ISS) in hopes to escape the horrid effects the organism has caused. But not everyone fits, there is limited space and many people are left behind.

The ISS is divided into levels, the higher your level the wealthier you are. 17-year old Alec lives a dull, boring life on level 3. His father Landon is on the Board of Officials. Alec likes to wander around Level 1. He meets and befriends a boy close in age named Jonah. Alec happens to come upon some disgraceful information that could be responsible for the deaths of two thousand people. Alec doesn’t agree with what his father does and he decides to form a group to help the less fortunate against the President and the Board members. Then shit gets real…

I was captivated by the background stories of the characters. Where they came from, what/who the left behind and how they ended up where they are now. Everything they went through I felt, happiness, sadness, grief and love, which I think is very important when reading a book. I felt sad for both Alec and Jonah; though they are from “different worlds” they are still the same.

Amazing job for a debut novel, I expect we will be seeing great things from Marshall in the future.

"A Solid Debut"

The Lazy Book Reviewer - 28/10/13 -

* * * * .5

A great debut novel by J.J Marshall that delivers one hell of a punch. He paints a world that is dying as the ozone is depleted. Humanity has reached to the stars for its salvation as the refugees of earth clamber for the limited spaces in various space stations and moon bases. A group called the board control the fate of humanity and they are planning to cut their losses and abandoned earth and all that remain on it to their fate.

Here is where the story picks up pace as a small home grown terrorist group get wind of the boards plans and set about exposing it as well as trying to wipe out the board. The story builds up into an ending fitting of any Hollywood blockbuster. Throughout the story the main characters of the book are expertly fleshed out by the author. Their strengths and weakness suck you into the story and hold your hand tightly right through to the end.

Like all good openers to a series this book promises so much more in its next installment. Let’s hope it delivers because it is shaping up as a fantastic series.

Amazon Reviews

Finished when the world ends by J.J Marshall and gave it five stars as kept me in suspense. Would recommend!!

MiniM93 6/08/13 * * * *

The story follows Alec Corbett as he battles to bring down the villainous and morally corrupt Board of Officials in a very Alex Rider-esque way. While the plot may be full of twists and turns the narrative is easy to follow.

The concept and plot are particularly well thought through and there is always something to keep the readers attention with a few shocking and even tear-jerking moments along the way.

Fans of Alex Rider (or any other Anthony Horowitz work!) will enjoy this as will those with an interest in Sci-Fi. That being said however I do feel it would appeal to a wider audience of many ages and interests as it is an easily accessible book with themes that most people can relate to at least on some level.

The only thing I will say is that some characters needed a bit more development as there were many emotional issues that were glossed over in favour of a more action-packed plot. Although that isn't to take away from the emotional issues that WERE covered.

Definitely worth a read and I look forward to the promising sequel

Official Review by Charlotte Coster

When the World Ends... is the debut novel from exciting new author, J. J Marshall. Set 100 years in the future, the 21st century earth as we know it now, is slowly being burned up by the sun and the story follows 17 year old Alec Corbett's struggle to prosper in the new harsh environment of space. Not only that, but there are more sinister forces at work beneath the surface, who pose a threat to all of humanity. And somehow Alec gets right in the middle of trying to stop it!

Being drawn into this futuristic world is quite an experience. The twisty turny plot will keep you captivated from beginning to end and Marshall will completely absorb you into this make believe world that he has created. Through detailed description, he leaves no stone unturned and it is a credit to the depth of his imagination that translates every aspect of this new version of earth on to the page.

The main protagonist, Alec is likeable and well explored. His character sees the biggest progression as the novel continues and he has been given a sufficient amount of emotional depth to allow the reader to care about what happens to him. His dialogues with other characters are well thought out and help to continuously move the plot forward in a gripping way. The introduction of a main character reasonably late in the novel was an unexpected and exciting occurrence and I look forward to seeing her develop further in the remaining two books of the trilogy.

This book is a well written, gripping, plot driven adventure and Marshall's easily readable style makes it effortless to read. Within its pages there is something for everyone - from action to romance and everything in between. The author skilfully keeps you enthralled with shock revelations and a fast pace that makes it addictively entertaining. I am definitely looking forward to see how the story continues so make sure you don't miss out on this thrilling new summer read.