The World's End Trilogy

The explosive new trilogy by J.J. Marshall

Below you can find reviews of the second novel in the Trilogy, including those from the April 2014 Everything Marie Blog Tour and the Official Review by writer, blogger and journalist Charlotte Coster.

Everything Marie

This is the second installment in the trilogy and it's highly recommended that you read the first novel, When the World Ends. This is another refreshing, original, and imaginative story from J.J. Marshall. 

The story kicks right off from the continuation of the first book, where Alec and his friends are in hiding after the destruction of London. The conniving and somewhat scary, Landon Corbett is hell bent on destroying everything and anything in his path, and it's up to a Alec and his team to stop him. The story did start off slow for me but it's needed to define the characters and develop the plot even further. Alec and his friends travel all over the world; which is a plus for me. The surroundings of their new destinations were very detailed and I felt I was right there with them. I especially loved the scenes in New York City, since that's my hometown. Yup...showing my Bronx pride. 

Overall, this was a great continuation to the first novel. I loved the incorporation of new characters, as well as seeing how the old one progress throughout the story. I'd like to point out that this story is long, probably about 600 pages, which is too much for me. I caught myself at times skimming through the pages to get to the next scenes, but not out of boredom; more out of impatience. Action packed suspense with jaw-dropping turn of events; this book will keep you glued to your seat til the very end. I, for one, can't wait to read the conclusion of this series and am anxiously waiting for it's release. 

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Alina Popescu, Writer

This series is extremely captivating, moving at a fast pace and showing you different views on what’s going on. You have Alec’s team of very young rebels, struggling to survive, deal with their losses, and find purpose. You have the Earth’s military trying to figure out how to act in a war that no one wants, and you have Landon Corbett and his twisted actions in his attempt to find and destroy his son.

The tension within every faction is palpable, the questioning of orders and decisions is twisting everything around, personal conflicts shadow the greater, external ones, and nothing seems right. It’s not, so it shouldn’t seem like it is. Humans are fighting humans, in the end, all driven by the need to survive.

New alliances are formed, sides are being traded, there are spies lurking everywhere, all while Earth itself is harsh and unforgiving, with the Sun, former giver of life, now taking its fair share. Everything, from what’s going on, to the blasts of the past is action filled. Nothing stays quiet and easy for long, and if it’s not enemies, Alec and his friends will have to find nature and their inner quarrels.

This series is definitely a must read for all lovers of sci-fi, especially if dystopian settings are what you prefer. So grab your copy today and start reading!

The Bookwormer Insider

I liked Humanity Falls, but, good golly, it was LONG. In print its 572 pages... Honestly, I didn't mind that much, but some of it could definitely have been trimmed down. 

I like Alec. He's humble and modest, and he's a great leader. The whole war is kind of his fault, and many people have died because of him, and he doesn't brush this off. He mourns for the dead, accepts it, learns from it, and moves forward. I have really enjoyed seeing him grow up. In Book 1, he was a lonely 17-year old boy, afraid of his father, and now he's a 18-year old guy leading a war against his father for the sake of humanity. There really is a distinct difference between Alec then and Alec now.

Unfortunately, there is romance in Humanity Falls, but I wish there wasn't. Usually I prefer there to be a little romance in the books I read, but the romance was so FORCED and felt so FAKE that I would have been perfectly fine without it. It truly felt like the author stuck in the romance just for the sake of having romance. And then there was a two pages that really could have been edited out...[edited to remove spoilers].

I loved the setting(s). Humanity Falls takes place in giant Spheres, cities protected by a dome, and on the ISS and MoonBase 1. The settings were original and unique and futuristic without being too fantasy. 
I really liked all the characters, except for Landon, the bad guy, who I despised, but I felt like I was looking in from the outside. I felt like I was reading a story, which, ironically, I was. I know that's the point of third person, so maybe this is just my love for first person shining through. 

Blue Chrysalis Book Promotions

After reading the first book in this series , I expected nothing short of spectacular special-effect-like story and the author delivered.  It starts off a bit more slow-paced and descriptive, but the action spirals upwards very quickly after that, and the narrative in the beginning is needed in order to fully understand the chaos that ensues.  

This book is action-packed and thrilling, with an evil sociopath ( Landon) who turns more evil with every chapter.  There are some new characters, and in keeping with the same style, each brings new depth and dimension to this story and each has an individual story to tell.  The characters travel around the world , and let me tell you , these parts were my absolute favorite. They were so vividly written, it completely immersed me in the story.

It is kind of a long book, and it took me a couple of nights to finish, but definitely one worth reading.

Official Review by Charlotte Coster

…Humanity Falls… - yes it might be a little bit of a depressing title for a novel, but the 'dot dot dot' says it all. It is so much more than it seems and I have learnt that you should never underestimate J.J. Marshall.

This is the second instalment of Marshall’s brand new trilogy which is showing how humanity has evolved a mere 100 years in the future after an organism eats away our ozone, leaving Earth uninhabitable. Continuing on from When the World Ends… which was published last July, it finds Alec and the gang hiding from the ever more frightening Landon Corbett as he slowly rises to indisputable power. They begin to try and fight back, finding many friends along the way who want to help them try to regain control of their lives which Landon is putting under threat. It leads them to travel all over the Earth, which is a nice reprieve from the majorly space-orientated first book and Marshall uses this to depict the many differences to what everyone’s lives are like, depending on where they live.

The length might be quite off-putting to some – at just over 650 pages it is pretty hefty. But Marshall does not waste these extra words. He uses it to make all his characters more rounded than he managed to in the first one which was far more concentrated on action. Plus the moments of exciting conflict that it does include, are enjoyable and well balanced compared to the more explanatory sections.

This novel does start off slowly. But bear with him…action is not too far behind and when it does seep into the pages, it is unbelievably gripping. The last section in particular reaches a page turning climax that keeps you continuously unsure of what is going to happen next. The twisty turny nature of it, which was also prevalent in the first book, is what makes this novel such a blockbuster. And despite the fact that the plot keeps you guessing, what is much clearer is what a literary talent Marshall is fast becoming. Make sure you join him on this epic journey because it is pretty awesome! And I for one cannot wait for the conclusion that is yet to come.